Robbie Martin: Here and there, we have an “Oliver Twist” story come up with one of our boys, and Robbie Martin is one of them. He came from a very poor, troubled family, which left a heavy mark on his personality. He left home at 15 and came to us when he was 18, with beautiful, blond curls. “He already knew all the tricks, sexually,” George recalls. “But he could be very unpredictable and would become quite cranky. You never knew how he was going to respond.” Sexually, he was quite good, a great bottom and models would talk about how his ass had a “velvety quality” that felt wonderful when you were inside him. He was also physically very flexible thanks to some gymnastic training as a child, and had the ability to lie back and put his legs behind his head. George feels Robbie had real star potential. He was quite uncomfortable and shy with other boys in the beginning; he gradually relaxed and became quite comfortable with gay sex. He is definitely not a gentle lover and enjoys rough, aggressive sex. We feel working for Bel Ami brought him both financial security and a sense of belonging to a team. He works today as a construction worker and remains in touch socially. “Despite everything, with all his personal troubles, he has remained a good person,” George says. “He will call on Christmas and on birthdays, that kind of thing. He is much better behaved than many of our models who came from more stable backgrounds.” – Take the free tour and see Robbie Martin hard and naked in his movies!