Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston -Simply put, Lukas is the face of Bel Ami. It is difficult to properly describe the impact he has had on the company and in the lives of those who work here, starting with George Duroy himself. He has mesmerized and captivated the hearts (and groins) of adoring legions of fans around the world, and his fame remains potent despite the fact that his final erotic performance (“Lukas in Love,” of course!) was released in 2005. Bel Ami customers have seen Lukas cameo in a number of our documentaries as a cameraman, and he works behind the scenes at BelAmi to this day. We asked George to descibe Lukas and he provided a litany: “His startling blue eyes, a chiseled body, his ejaculations from that beautiful penis, and undeniable charisma that radiates from him, and that comes from him naturally.” Fans will be happy to know that Lukas today has maintained his fantastic physique and that he appears just as handsome as ever (Johan Paulik likes to tease him, a true meterosexual, for the amount of time he devotes to personal hygiene and grooming). Lukas is one of the most popular and recognizable porn models in the world, and thus it can become a challenge to protect his privacy. In 1999 he was named by “Unzipped” magazine in the U.S. as among the top-ten porn stars of all time (“….there may be no more beautiful man alive”), and in 2000, Lukas and Johan were inducted in the GAYVN Hall of Fame. Despite this adulation and occasional frenzy, Lukas graduated from university with a degree in architecture. “Beauty and brains, and also genuinely humble. If anyone would be considered boyfriend material, it would be Lukas,” George says. Well, he is all this and so much more, at the very least to us.
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Davey says:

Ever since I saw photos of the young Lukas Ridgeston many years ago, I have lusted after this fit blue-eyed guy with his luscious uncut penis and firm ass. He is a great turn on and gets my dick hard every time I see him, particularly in films. says:

Hi Davey, Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment! :) Lukas is very special to so many, myself included being one of his fans for many years. For myself, seeing images of him on a friend’s blog, as well as ones of Johan Paulik, were what brought me to Bel Ami in the first place. It was love, or lust, at first sight upon seeing them. To this day, I still enjoy looking at their images and watching all the many scenes they created with Bel Ami over the years. You should be happy to know that they both are with Bel Ami to this day, though neither of them have been in front of the camera for many moons and there appears to be no plans in that direction for either of them. Lukas has become an amazing film-maker/director in his own right with the DVD, Love Affairs, being his very first film project. Johan is also a behind the scenes cameramen, filming some of the interviews, behind-the-scenes documentaries, castings and some of the website episodes. I hope you will join BelAmiOnline, and I encourage you to do so, if you haven’t already.

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