Davy Paxton 2012

Davy Paxton 2012

We all know how much guys adoreDavy Paxton and because how you all love Davy so much, so today we have convinced George to give you a little more of a taste of him with this photo set. These pics were taken in Brazil and you can quite see a progress from his first pictures taken (http://www.belamigalleries.com/davy-paxton) – Take the free tour and see Davy Paxton naked, hard and shooting his load now!

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belami boy Davy Paxton 2012 belami boy Davy Paxton 2012
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belami boy Davy Paxton 2012 belami boy Davy Paxton 2012 belami boy Davy Paxton 2012
belami boy Davy Paxton 2012 belami boy Davy Paxton 2012
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6devil says:

some of the original comments that can be found in the members area ( http://www.belamigalleries.com/new/login ):

jack512 – 1/18/2012 5:09:20 AM
The EYES have it. I’ll bet he gets most guys to do whatever he wants just by aiming those baby blues at them. Wow, what a good looking guy!

khan – 1/18/2012 1:37:33 AM
Such a beautiful boy

safinlin – 1/17/2012 4:02:31 AM
Beautiful pictures. I love Davy a lot.

Bunlover – 1/17/2012 12:42:13 AM
I must agree with fabmac. 57 photos – and only 2 of his butt (more than 3/4 of it,at least) is not nearly enough. Still Davy Paxton being the absolute natural beauty he is – and the photographer and stylist far from total amateurs either – some of these photos really make me go WOW, in both amazement and admiration for all of the previously mentioned. So eventhough I would have liked (at least) 5-10 more pictures focusing on the rear, I wont let in influence on the 5 stars I intend to award all involved parties. Love the colourful background, and the nice countrasts and skintone it creates to/for Davy`s well tanned body! In my opinion these photos – in viewing quality – exceeds BelAmi`s recent “white periode” (near totally white background and surroundings, like Kris & Kevin X-mas special, Dolph`s Sout African photosession vid etc) tenfolds. Fingers crossed that these photos isn`t all there is – but a photosession vid will follow soon?:-)

haroldc686 – 1/16/2012 11:38:04 PM
An all-time favorite. Whether on top or on the bottom, he was such a hottie. I found him especially sexy when he was between another guy’s hairy legs, sucking cock. And his cum shots were usually geysers, too. A really hot young guy.

pM2BufTr – 1/16/2012 8:20:15 PM
Great photos of a great guy. I’m glad they were not taken by your No-smile photographer.

fabmac – 1/16/2012 8:13:48 PM
Aweome boy ! Where are the photos of his butt ?

valere1 – 1/16/2012 8:06:23 PM
Why was Brazil taken off the site list for remote locations? Was it the language issue? I remember struggling with the European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese differences myself, but both the Brazilians and Portuguese are charming peoples, friendly and neigborly.

xindi005 – 1/16/2012 5:13:41 PM
Every time i gaze into those eyes, I’m reminded on just how beautiful Davy is. Definitely a full package, from lovely head to adorable toes. Such a captivating guy.

carrowleigh – 1/16/2012 3:53:17 PM
Lovely pics. I have seen other photos taken in the same location with Davy and Josh Elliot. Any chance that these are also lurking unseen in the archive?

whitestealth93 – 1/16/2012 3:14:04 PM
More old material? If not, you’d think he would have buffed up more after all this time. Too twinky for me…

fsuterry – 1/16/2012 2:27:26 PM
Glad to see Davy again. Would like to know when these photos were taken. Impressed with his beautiful eyes and perfect package again and again.

rcgrcg – 1/16/2012 1:57:28 PM
What a wonderful gift of the lovely Davy P. I adore him! Will we be treated to a vid later in the week!? I do hope so!

badboybrent – 1/16/2012 1:53:34 PM
amazing eyes and intriguing soft, puffy nipples that beg to be sucked on.

trail1 – 1/16/2012 1:32:25 PM
Oh no at work again, so my Davy will have to wait until I come home this evening. How could he have been left int he archive shelf.

bucko39 – 1/16/2012 1:01:15 PM
Absolute perfection!

Stormnorm – 1/16/2012 11:03:39 AM
He should be a soap star. Perfect in everyway.

corbin – 1/16/2012 10:39:20 AM
one of the great beauties of bel ami much missed

deekster – 1/16/2012 10:13:57 AM
As far as I can tell Davy is yet another example of the beauty in eastern europe as well as the look of a true bel ami model ty much.

thick18 – 1/16/2012 9:19:46 AM
Another true blue BelAmi beauty.

David6 – 1/16/2012 9:14:31 AM
Davy is adorable in these pictures

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